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“Phyllis was so helpful during a very rushed project just before closing. In a really short amount of time, Phyllis helped me to choose all of the lighting fixtures, much of the tile, and all of the details like drawer pulls and door knobs. Despite the fact that we were doing this project from Connecticut and New York for a home in Texas that neither of us had ever even seen! – Phyllis did an amazing job and when I arrived at our new home a few weeks later it all looked perfect and worked together seamlessly. She is a true expert and was wonderful at connecting with my individual style (actually even better than my style!) Thanks!”

— Jessica Drummond, TX

“As a playwright, I’ve worked with many of Broadway’s finest scenic designers, and Phyllis Harbinger is in every way at the very top of that league. She hears her clients’ wishes and understands their needs, translating them into harmonious solutions that are both elegant and inviting, stunning yet comfortable, sumptuous but never ostentatious. She makes each room a special and gracious experience, and coordinates each room with the next so that colors, textures, patterns, backgrounds and accents all flow in one unified and restful living experience. She makes your guests feel memorably yet warmly welcomed, as her clients think with contentment: “There certainly is no place like our home.” Her unerring eye, her sense of balance and proportion, the livability of her inventive yet always handsome and graceful designs reflect her understanding that a home must not only make a striking first impression but provide a lifetime of delight and relaxation for its owners each day of the year. Not only is my own home a better place for Phyllis Harbinger’s sensitive artistry, but my life in that home is a better life, thanks to her consummate craft and boundless creativity.”

— Rupert Holmes - Noted playwright, composer, novelist and pop icon ("The Pina Colada Song") Tony award-winning musical THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD

“Phyllis strikes an excellent balance between delivering exactly what you want and remaining within budget. She quickly grasped my style and taste and created the look and feel beyond my expectations. I was inspired by her creativity. She is incredibly responsive and accessible and an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommended her services to those people seeking a trustworthy, reliable and talented professional.”

— M. Aloisi, CT

“Working with Phyllis Harbinger has been an absolute pleasure. She has helped design three homes for us and not only did each project turn out beautifully but the process was enjoyable as well. Phyllis was quickly able to pick up on our tastes and desires, narrowing down furniture and fabric selections so decision was a breeze. When we moved to our second home, Phyllis was extremely creative, enabling us to incorporate much of what we already owned into our new home, yet making it seem as if it was all custom for the new space. Our home has turned into a fabulous reflection of who we are and how we live, all thanks to the help of Phyllis and Design Concepts Interiors.”

— Marcy Wade, NY

“Designers know lighting is an important layer in the overall look of a room. I’ve worked with a number of designers who have included my artwork in the spaces they have created for clients. Often times, crucial lighting for the artwork is missing or a second thought. Where my own artwork is concerned, it is all about proper lighting to set it off and create a unique, finishing touch to a the room. I’ve had the privilege of working with Phyllis on a number of projects now. I am always amazed with her careful forethought of the overall design down to the smallest detail. This includes remembering to use specialty lighting for the artwork she has in mind for the spaces she creates. She has a way of putting my work in the best light possible and making it absolutely sing. Thumbs up!”

— Carla Goldberg-M.F.A. Mixed Media Artist

“I have been in the design industry for over 30 years. I have worked with many designers over that time. From my experience I can confidently state that Phyllis is a very talented and professional designer. She is also a most delightful person to work with. This last characteristic is critical when a homeowner engages a designer. The process is a very personal one and should be very satisfying. Working with a talented designer like Phyllis who also has a delightful personality is a key element is achieving satisfaction with the process as well as with the end result.”

— Cary Kravet

“Phyllis Harbinger and the wonderful work she completes through DCI Studio are the epitome of style and class—as is her business repertoire. It has been an honor being able to partner with Phyllis on various events and projects over the last few years and I look forward to viewing her work in the future. Anyone looking for an interior designer whose work captures a space and a client’s vision, would be hard-pressed to find anyone as talented as Phyllis.”

— Shannon Steitz, HudsonMOD Magazine

“I have presented with Phyllis on a panel of marketing experts. She is outstanding with not only her craft but her ability to connect and communicate to second to none. Her gift is her eye, years of experience and personality. As a role model to many in her industry, she sets the bar which others strive for.”

— Yasmin Nguyen

“We would wholeheartedly recommend Phyllis and her team at Design Concepts/Interiors to design your home.  Not only did they do an exceptional job, they were easy—and fun—to work with. We experienced a catastrophic flood from our upstairs neighbor’s apartment that destroyed our walls, floors, rugs, and most of our furniture.  We had used someone else to design our apartment before the flood, but it never felt comfortable to us.  After working with Phyllis, we know why—Phyllis listened to us and got to know us before beginning to work on her design. We were always part of the process, unlike the other designer who showed us a variety of options, all of which were variations on the same theme—his theme—after he had picked them all out.  Phyllis asked us what we wanted.  She asked us to show her pictures from magazines of what we liked.  Some of our furniture and all of our artwork survived the flood.  Phyllis and her team worked with us to incorporate those pieces that we liked into our new space. In the end, it all paid off.  While it was certainly a “designer showcase,” it didn’t feel stuffy or uncomfortable.  We got a beautiful, comfortable home that felt like our home. In fact, we are so happy with Phyllis and DCI that we have contacted her again to work with us on a new home upstate! We would be happy to talk with anyone about the services we received from Phyllis and her team at DCI.”

— Alan Yount, NY (email: alanyount@alanyount.net )

“I felt a great connection with you, something about you (maybe your aura) that draws people near, makes them feel warm and safe.  When you are in professional mode that tones down a bit, but that is your work and it takes your focus.  Your finished products though, actually glow with passion regardless of the colors or tones…it’s like a part of you is there, if any of that makes sense.  I find your passion to be enthusiastic and intoxicating.  I also think you offer a healing to many that need it.”

— Yvonne McCormack, CT

“It’s a question we’d all like answered: “Is there life after renovation and refurbishing?” “Yes”, is the answer if your guide through the thorns and snares of fabricating your nest, there is a designer named Phyllis Harbinger.  From my personal experience she is a creative problem-solver, skilled at providing exactly what the client wants while keeping costs within the budget. Her access to resources is invaluable. Her conscientious attention to details and her quick responsiveness to concerns guarantee an exceptional outcome. She produces beauty and luxury.”

— Judith Wolf, NY

“I have worked with Phyllis Harbinger and her team at DCI Studio for the past 8 years. We have done many projects in our home and she just gets our style and knows what we will like. Phyllis has designed full-scale projects including two bathroom renovations and has also been a consultant on our kitchen and master suite renovations. We are happy to have her as a part of our team of professionals.”

— Linda Schaffer, NY

“Phyllis is the epitome of what you wish for in a designer. She is an exquisite, unique, top-shelf designer, and she has unparalleled, impeccable taste. Her work is just delicious to experience! She is beyond creative, thorough, yet respectful of budgets, and does a great job managing the progress and completion of our projects. She is a unique and stunning gem in a crowded field of similar design professionals.”

— Kerri Konik

“Integrity, beauty, creativity, maturity, value, elegance, fun…Phyllis has it all and gives her all…always.”

— Sandi Kaufman

“Working with Phyllis Harbinger and her DCI Team has been a fabulous adventure. We have been living in our condo for 10 years and felt it was time to upgrade the sad- looking bathrooms that our builder had provided us with. We also decided, now that we were empty-nesters, to convert two unused bedrooms into “special” rooms- a den for my husband and a yoga/meditation room for me. Finally we planned to convert our home office into a family room for our grandson. After reviewing Phyllis’s online portfolio, I knew that she had incredible taste and vision, but only after meeting her did I realize how much fun working with her would be!  I had tons of decorating ideas, but no clue how to implement them. I had spent several frustrating afternoons visiting bathroom stores, but was left feeling overwhelmed.  At the start of the project, Phyllis assured me that the bathrooms that I would ultimately have would be more spectacular than those in most 5 star hotels! She was so right! I was amazed at Phyllis’s intuitive ability to quickly understand what our goals were as well as interpret our personal style. Shopping was a whirlwind event. I still cannot believe how in just one day the tile and fixtures, for 4 fabulous bathrooms, were chosen!! Other shopping days were spent running from amazing lighting stores, to choosing our marble, and then ending the day ordering carpets. There was no detail too small for Phyllis to deal with quickly and with outstanding results! Once construction begun, it was potentially a very stressful time. However, Phyllis was available to meet with the contractor, review all major deliveries and efficiently deal with any problems!  There were some glitches that were resolved before we were even made aware that there had been a problem! I would highly recommend Phyllis and her amazing DCI Team! We now have the most gorgeous home and our bathrooms are definitely more stunning than many 5-star hotels that we have since stayed at!  We are so pleased with how everything turned out and if anyone has any questions about her services, please e-mail me, I would be more than happy to discuss.”

— Suzan Reznick, NY (email: asksuzan@optonline.net )

“Moving from a small and barely furnished New York City apartment to a 6000 square foot home is no easy task. With a full time job, an 18 month old and a second child on the way, I was in desperate need of help. I knew the style I liked but had no idea how to articulate it, where to find it or how to put it all together. A friend who happened to be an old colleague of Phyllis’ recommended her to me. I felt very comfortable with Phyllis right from the start. She took control of the project and I followed her lead. I wanted her to push me to be a bit more creative which she found challenging. She always accepted my decisions and treated my opinions with great respect. Her follow up skills and attention to detail made the project run very smoothly. Three years later, I challenged Phyllis by moving into another house and asking her to retrofit most of the design concepts and furniture. As always, Phyllis came up with great solutions and we were able to use almost everything. My taste is very traditional and Phyllis has followed that theme and infused a bit of more modern pieces where appropriate. A task that I would have never attempted on my own. Phyllis renovated our second home completely from off site. She worked closely with my architect and builder. The style of this home is modern and Phyllis had some fun pushing me out of my comfort zone. This is my favorite job that she has done. Phyllis is an amazingly talented designer and has become a fantastic teacher and friend to my husband and me. I value her opinion, which she is always happy to give whether she is working on a project for me, or not.”

— Karen and Lewis Meyers, NY

“We met Phyllis Harbinger of Design Concepts/Interiors at a Design Show in Manhattan when we were midway through our house construction project. We hit it off immediately. She jumped right in and helped us out with areas ranging from railings, moldings and tile to furniture, window treatments and artwork. We were probably not the easiest clients, having no idea what our taste was. We knew what we disliked but not necessarily what we liked. Phyllis work tirelessly to help us define our style. Once we did, she and her wonderful team traveled far and wide to find items that were unique and followed our design aesthetic. With Phyllis, everything has to be perfect. She does not compromise with her vendors, the items had to be received exactly as ordered or she would have them sent back or remedied. She was always careful to stay within budgets whether we were ordering custom made furniture or picking out decorative items and accessories. I would strongly recommend Design Concepts/Interiors for design assistance. We look forward to working with Phyllis and her team when we are ready to start our next project.”

— Lynn Norton, NJ

“I would like to take this opportunity to convey to you how grateful and pleased we are with your assistance in designing and decorating our apartment, as well as our daughter’s apartment.  You have helped us create an environment and style that truly reflects our life style.  You have been supportive throughout the selection, construction and finalization of our projects.  Even when one purchases high quality furniture, there is bound to be a glitch.  Your response has always been immediate and positive.  Once again, it has been our pleasure to work with you.  In addition, we are so proud of the accolades you have received.  They are well deserved.”

— Lenny and Maryann Fagen, NY

“Phyllis has such an incredible gift for design. She’s also a great listener and is incredibly resourceful. I personally love her eclectic style and passion for her work. Phyllis stands out from other professionals in the field due to her high level of expertise, dedication and integrity.”

— Victoria Prather-Krumholz

“Phyllis is a good friend and great designer. Prompt, cost conscious, and really listens to your wants and needs. She is great to work with. She consulted on my design project. We would have made some serious mistakes if it was not for Phyllis’ guidance.”

— Leslie Rose

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